Being a geek, I have a couple of active projects (or other distractions from actual living), in addition to my day job! Take a look!

  • Smashball – An action sports-shooter mod for Source. I prototyped it in UnrealScript because madboy suggested it at a party a couple years ago and voodoo promised to make a couple of levels. It has evolved into a very playable state, including a persistent character model with skills that affect ingame behavior. Extreme design decisions include a heavily armored sniper class, auto-healing, and unlimited ammo for all weapons. voodoo is doing the lead design thing, and we managed to get Krenzo to come write code for us!
  • Cosmic Colo – A great way to get a cheap box on phat bandwidth. MrPinstripe and I work at this in our spare time and have managed to build up a very high quality virtual and physical server farm. If you are in need of a server or some hosted services, follow the link and hit us up!