Why did nobody tell me about If This Then That?

I recall chatting with some buddies about web services integration awhile back, and how cool it was to, say, use Jott to send a Tweet which would update your Facebook status. It required two or three separate integration points, and these had to be managed from within each individual application. If This Then That raises […]

The worst thing about MySQL: runaway ibdata1 growth

BloaterPaste commented recently about how StackOverflow answers were amazingly accurate. I believe it is a huge boon to productivity, and a testament to gameificiation in its purest form. Recently, as some of you may have noticed, the Smashball website has been going down. Frequently. According to NAGIOS in the last week I’ve logged more downtime […]

PS4 Launch from the peanut gallery

A few of us were talking in IRC today about the PS4 launch, which is currently being streamed here. I laughed out loud a couple times. Excerpted for your amusement. 15:34 ps4 is capable of over 160 gigaflops/second 15:34 which will be used to render hyperrealistic arm hair holding your sniper rifle in CoD XXIV

Rooting my Galaxy S3 to fix a problem Samsung can’t/hasn’t/won’t

Recently, copy/paste stopped working on my Samsung Galaxy S3. In the words of BloaterPaste: 16:43 < BloaterPaste> wtf are you using? an iphone? So, I started hunting around for a fix. Turns out that in order to accomplish the fix to my copy-paste problem listed in this link, one needs to have a rooted phone. […]

The Atari 2600 was REALLY expensive

Infographic from Bloater: