Fixing CrashPlan failing auto-updates for a headless QNAP installation

Unixdude saved the day for me. I’ve been fighting with the CrashPlan service on my QNAP randomly stopping, which completely broke my home backups. I finally noticed it had been trying to auto-upgrade and failing. This post by Unixdude describes how to manually pull in the jar files that get downloaded by the autoupgrade attempt […]

Make iPhone users jealous using #Tasker Autovoice and Email Me Pro on your #Android

I use Nirvana as my GTD tracker. According to David Allen, the creator of GTD, one of the keys to GTD is easy capture. He advocates carrying a small pad and a pen because it’s very easy to jot things down, and it never runs out of batteries. Well, saying things is even easier than that, and […]

Fixing #VMware Tools suspend script on #Ubuntu #Linux

I’ve been having problems suspending my Ubuntu VMs (12.04.4 in this case) for awhile now, despite having VMware Tools installed properly. It would try to suspend, throw an error, then disable the ability to suspend until the next power cycle. It finally annoyed me enough on my CI VM that I tracked down the solution […]

We are really spoiled by screen real estate these days

Lulz from IRC regarding losing screen real estate once you’ve become accustomed to a lot of it. Counting the laptops hooked up via Input Director, I have 5 monitors available to me at my battlestation. This might be seem like overkill but I LIKE IT. 13:47 < BloaterPaste> gah. Monitor failed. Down to one, 19″ […]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is even better than my Galaxy S3 #GalaxyNote3 @glentickle @Geekosystem

Awhile ago I wrote a blog post gushing about the Samsung Galaxy S3. I’d been growing ever-more-jealous of my coworker’s Galaxy Note 3, and when T-mobile hooked me up with another 18 month upgrade I jumped at the chance to upgrade to a phablet.