Teh LAN!!1

Thanks to Bloater for having us over to destroy his house with computers, network cables, beer, and food. It was good to see everyone! lo0mis, roland, madboy, bloater, tikoth, voodoo, sobchak, finsack, graywolf, phargle, and others all had a great time laying waste to each other in Supreme Commander and Smashball. Here are two pics […]

No More Smashball Here

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that we will no longer be posting Smashball updates here.  The new site for our Smashball mod is at www.smashball.tv.

Internal testing of automatic updater

This shouldn’t break any existing links, but I wanted to let folks know we’re testing the automatic Smashball updater today. To that end, we may be screwing with webserver configs, and upping/downing the playtest server for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Stay tuned for a new release announcement!

New Smashball Alpha Test 0.50-RC2 up

Can I add any more tags to this release name which indicate its unfinished state? THIS IS A TEST. THIS IS NOT FINISHED SOFTWARE. THIS MIGHT BREAK, AND I MIGHT ASK YOU FOR HELP FINDING BUGS YOU REPORT. That said, it’s pretty damned fun, and quick to get into now that I’ve streamlined a bunch […]

Developer responds to user feedback! Film at 11!

I have received several complaints about what a PITA Smashball was to get working. As such, I have been putting many cycles into creating a release with lots of ‘usability’ features that I hope everyone will enjoy. On the downside, I still haven’t fixed the speed bug (though I have so much feedback that I […]