Automating #Smashball demo uploads to #YouTube Part 1, or nerd workflow dominos

I finally got some time to revisit this project this weekend. I figure automating Smashball video uploads would be a nice thing to crank out for our small-but-mighty community, and have the fun side effect of getting some more video content out there. The workflow I’m building looks like this:

Smashball Needs Publicity!

I just sent the following spam to a huge chunk of my address book. As if that weren’t enough, I’m posting it on my blog, and then twittering about it. Guerrilla marketing Web 2.0-style, what? As I mention below, “…this is a big leap for me. It is time to cash in all my good […]

Vote for Smashball for 2008 Mod Of The Year!

Shameless plugging of my life’s work, as it were. Please head on over to ModDB’s Smashball page, create an account if you don’t have one, and VOTE!

When daring game design decisions work: Why Smashball ownzu

Hot damn, Smashball is now in public beta. What are you waiting for? Go download Smashball while you read this! This last weekend, I built a small web farm on AWS. Somewhere in my sysadmin binge this weekend it occured to me that there was no document written for gamers about Smashball, describing how it’s […]

New Auto-generated Smashball Source Videos

At Smashball Labs, we’re working on our automated video production process. Krenzo uploaded some automatically generated footage from Friday’s playtest to Veoh. I’m impressed with the quality, with this quick test it appears to look better than YouTube‘s. We’re working on Revver, but have had our submission rejected. I’m sure it’s only a temporary setback. […]