California fails at being California AGAIN

I’m so bummed at this LA dispensary ban that I can’t even write about it in complete sentences, so here’s an IRC rant instead: 17:56 < rezdawg> LA bans dispenseries 17:56 < rezdawg> lame 18:17 wow, really? 18:17 california fails at being california AGAIN 18:17 first it was that prop 8 thing, now the dispensary […]

Killing my T-mo G2 was the best idea ever, or How I Ended Up With A Kickass Samsung Galaxy SIII

I was working on a customer site this past Friday all day. A coworker and I walked to the kitchen to treat ourselves to a soda. Wielding my Fanta in my left hand and my T-mobile G2 in my right, I attempted to get fancy and show my coworker some cool shit. Instead, I dropped […]

The Tao of Programming

Fortune (which populates the top slot on the right sidebar with geeky parables and jokes and such) threw this at me today, and it was profound and applicable so I wanted to make it stick: A manager was about to be fired, but a programmer who worked for him invented a new program that became […]

From IRC: I am such an asshole, and that’s the whole problem!

12:31 phargle: you see this? 12:33 holy shit 12:36 wow interesting 12:37 hm, should I sell my AMZN 12:37 so instead of getting some revenue amazon gets no revenue 12:38 still way below the 52 week high 12:39 I’m such an asshole 12:39 big company wields monopoly influence vs. a little publisher and the […]

Life is meaningless and full of pain…

…which is what George RR Martin says when his team loses. Williams is fired. That game was great right up until the end. Argh, fail. Update: Now that I’ve had some time to reflect, sober, about how the game went down: The whole team played amazingly well vs. a surging Giants. Williams essentially handed the […]