#Gaming without the bullshit: #Hearthstone vs. Magic: The Gathering #mtg

I’m getting older. My free time is dwindling. I still love gaming in all forms (There’s even some decent no-limit holdem available 24×7 within 30 minutes of my house), but many of the old games I used to enjoy are looking a little weak to my older, wiser (?) eyes. The games I’m enjoying the […]

Life is meaningless and full of pain, an NFC West CC retrospective #49ers #NFL #GoBroncos

I could write a lengthy bitchfest about friendly spots, ridiculous calls, stupid rules preventing review (not that it mattered overall), Bowman’s injury, or Dick Sherman’s classiness, but it’s all meaningless. The 49ers defense played amazingly well–far better than ever at the CLink. In fact, the 49er offense played far better than ever at the CLink […]

Shameless plug for cosmiccolo.net

I run a small hosting business. The other partners are G and my friend and business partner, MrPinstripe. It is called The Cosmic Colo. Our page might look a bit, ahem, dated, but our our uptime is epic: 21:16 < MrPinstripe> one of our clients mentioned that his freebsd VM was up for 457 days […]

We might change the name of this channel

BloaterPaste and I were having a conversation in IRC this morning about adult subjects, which is to say home loans, refinancing, and debt vs. investment management. Then he dropped this on me. I lol’d. 09:35 < BloaterPaste> Instead of “Peace, Druges, Alcohol, Insanity, Violence”, this channel should be “I should buy a boat”

E-mail stuck in Outlook 2010 Outbox

And wouldn’t you know it, the top answer in this link worked for me. Thanks to Ben M. Schorr! http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/outlook/thread/2786061a-0410-479c-b430-29f665932791/