Obligatory Chick-Fil-A Joke

And I didn’t even have to write it, since Sobchak and Knightmare did the work for me. 10:39 < Knightmare> I want to eat chick-fil-a but I don’t want people thinking I hate the gays… 10:39 < Knightmare> what can I do? 10:40 moustache 10:46 < Knightmare> good call

Rage Against the Nerds, Saved from the Recycling Bin

BloaterPaste deleted the following comment from one of his many Warhammer 40K battle reports on Youtube, but not before posting it in IRC to the delight of all. This is one of the most venomous tweet-length comments I’ve ever seen about one of my hobbies, and one just has to laugh: “HAHA, you neckbeards are […]

Sharks, tank, laserbeams

From #warmfuzzyland on Gamesurge: 14:18 Finally, a Shark With a Laser Attached To Its Head 14:18 ‘Initially, I told them no. I thought it was a frivolous stunt. But then I considered that it would give us an opportunity to test our clips and attachments, and whatever is attached to that clip, I really don’t […]

Reddit just fucking owned me right there

Neil deGrasse Tyson did an AMA on Reddit today, thanks Sobchak for the link. It’s a great read, and every time I read this guy or hear him speak my mind is blown. He is my idol. This answer (and associated comments), however, floored me. I cannot stop laughing so hard I’m crying. Yes, it’s […]

My Fellow Tropicans!

From IRC: 12:10 omg I can’t stop playing Tropico 4 12:10 lol 12:10 it’s just so awesome 12:10 last game, the fucking volcano erupted and burned down a hotel and all the beach bungalows 12:11 killing my tourist industry 12:11 < BloaterPaste> lool 12:11 < BloaterPaste> nice 12:11 leaving tropicans jobless 12:11 < BloaterPaste> I […]