Friday Mom Joke from IRC

‘Nuff said. Have a great weekend all! 16:05 < BloaterPaste> I’m officially on the market. 16:07 < Knightmare> for? 16:07 < iGraywolf> the steam market? 16:08 < iGraywolf> the meat market? 16:08 < iGraywolf> the housing market? 16:08 < iGraywolf> the stock market? 16:08 < iGraywolf> you got to be more specific bro 16:08 < […]

We are really spoiled by screen real estate these days

Lulz from IRC regarding losing screen real estate once you’ve become accustomed to a lot of it. Counting the laptops hooked up via Input Director, I have 5 monitors available to me at my battlestation. This might be seem like overkill but I LIKE IT. 13:47 < BloaterPaste> gah. Monitor failed. Down to one, 19″ […]

Online Halo-playing twelve-year-olds issue 302 diagnoses regularly

A funny from IRC #warmfuzzyland I had to share: 12:34 <@Air> California doctor diagnosed man with âhomosexual behaviorâ illness 12:34 <@Air>–191209896.html 12:38 <@Warmfuzzy> for a really hip state with lots of liberals 12:38 <@Warmfuzzy> we fail at certain traditionally liberal things, Air 12:39 <@Warmfuzzy> the story is sad yet amusing 12:41 < iGraywolf> air: […]

The Helvetica Scenario

I discovered the Helvetica Scenario at random due to this xkcd and the first couple of google links about it. BloaterPaste as usual had something hilarious to say about it: 13:58 <@Warmfuzzy> the FUCK: 13:58 <@Warmfuzzy> didn’t that happen in Fringe? [snip] 14:00 < BloaterPaste> wow, that sounds terrible 14:00 < BloaterPaste> fucking Helvetica […]

A funny from facebook regarding Mittens