Video Battle Report: 1500 Mike’s Chaos Daemons vs. Brads Tyranids

This is my first try at a video battle report. Video was captured on my T-mobile G2, converted with Format Factory (A presumably safe link which I got from this thread at, and edited with Windows Live Movie Maker. The audio seems somewhat out of sync, but you can really only see it near […]

Warhammer 40k Battle Report: 1500 Chaos Daemons vs. Chaos Space Marines

I was in an excellent pair of battles this weekend over in Torrance. Was a good excuse for a topless drive (the car, not me) on a nice sunny day, and I hauled my small army of Chaos Daemons over to Brad’s-by-the-sea. This is the more interesting of the two battles since there was so […]

Warhammer 40K Battle Report: 2000pt Chaos vs Space Marines

I’ve got another post I’ve been working on talking specifically about my Warhammer 40K craze in detail. I cannot believe how infectious this meme is. Instead of finishing it off and publishing it, however, we had some really fantastic games on Saturday and I wanted to report on them ASAP. I had taken some video […]

Mobile blogging and my Warhammer 40k addiction

This is a test, but it is also a cry for help as I randomly bought a building to use in the next game the other night.  I am actually considering putting in a flickering LED so it looks like there are defective lights in the store. I figure it is a 6+ from the […]

Jim Raynor and John Marston were separated at birth

They have both been declared outlaws by the Feds, they both talk with a Western drawl, they are both quick on the trigger, and they’re never seen at the same time. The only difference I see is that Raynor is bigger in the arms and shoulders, probably because of hauling around that crazy heavy marine […]