Epic Victories for Khorne and the Archdaemon of Rage

Played a couple of super-rad games with my Chaos Daemon models the past couple weeks. First was an epic rematch between my Chaos Daemons, and Brad’s Tyranids. Brad spanked me pretty hard last time. This one was a close-fought game, down to the wire. I posted a video battle report on the Socal40k site, go […]

2000pt Tau vs. Chaos Daemons

We of Subsector Socal40K had a great 40K day here at the pad. The layout worked out really well, allowing us to remain close to the other games but not too crowded. I cut together the video I took into a battle report, which I posted about on the group site.

My Fellow Tropicans!

From IRC: 12:10 omg I can’t stop playing Tropico 4 12:10 lol 12:10 it’s just so awesome 12:10 last game, the fucking volcano erupted and burned down a hotel and all the beach bungalows 12:11 killing my tourist industry 12:11 < BloaterPaste> lool 12:11 < BloaterPaste> nice 12:11 leaving tropicans jobless 12:11 < BloaterPaste> I […]

WH40K is an Amazing Wargame Under all the Buckets of Dice

It is said, “There is a fine line between a hobby and mental illness.” I’m having a hard time distinguishing here. In case you can’t tell I’ve become a bit obsessed with Warhammer 40K lately. I spent a great deal of my vacation plus the better part of a couple of weekends (time a rough […]

Video Battle Report: 1500 Mike’s Chaos Daemons vs. Brent’s Chaos Space Marines

Finally converted and cut together the video from the epic Chaos battle I talked about a couple posts ago. Enjoy!