#Gaming without the bullshit: #Hearthstone vs. Magic: The Gathering #mtg

I’m getting older. My free time is dwindling. I still love gaming in all forms (There’s even some decent no-limit holdem available 24×7 within 30 minutes of my house), but many of the old games I used to enjoy are looking a little weak to my older, wiser (?) eyes. The games I’m enjoying the […]

Ars Victor @Strategicon #Gateway one year later demonstrates amazing depth and an epic tournament finish

We just got back Sunday night from Strategicon Gateway out by LAX. I staffed an Ars Victor tournament all weekend at the con. We ran a tournament with $500 in cash prizes for the third time (Gateway 2012, Gamex 2013, Gateway 2013). I am so blown away at the outcome of this tournament through the […]

Reus could tide you over for a bit until GODUS ships

For the record, Reus is great and extremely well-polished. It’s totally achievement-and-time-limit driven, and there are a LOT more variations than I first noticed. I’ve built a world with a single civilization, and one with 6. I’ve had civilizations get all uppity and try to destroy each other. I’ve had to stomp on the cities […]

PS4 Launch from the peanut gallery

A few of us were talking in IRC today about the PS4 launch, which is currently being streamed here. I laughed out loud a couple times. Excerpted for your amusement. 15:34 ps4 is capable of over 160 gigaflops/second 15:34 which will be used to render hyperrealistic arm hair holding your sniper rifle in CoD XXIV

A New Year, a New Rant about Blood Bowl

Happy New Year! One of my strategic-level resolutions is to “Produce more, consume less” in 2013. One of the things I haven’t been producing lately is blog content, so I figured I’d kick this off with some hardcore gamer nerd talk about the most recent Blood Bowl computer game release. I haven’t written about Blood […]