Warmfuzzy is a thirtysomething computer/entertainment industry professional (read: geek gone pro) with long hair and a beard who has only been turned down for a job due to hair length once. I guess it’s a good thing he lives in Socal.

He is quite happily engaged to a hot chick who quite possibly might never read this ;) Eventually (soon, I swear), they will marry and raise many kids.

He attempted a gameserver business along with several others who shall remain nameless (unless you WANT to be named) on at least one occasion, which used to be hosted here. He sincerely apologies for any emotional scarring that occured due to multiple communities self-destructing in part due to giant flame wars he (wrongly) chose to ignore. If you were ever a member of Warmfuzzyland and/or a regular on any of the servers we’ve run over the years (QWTF, Q2, CS, NS, DOD, Q3A, DC, CS:S, SB, SB:S) feel free to reach out to Warmfuzzy and enter for a chance to win some free schwag in the process. He is always up for a beer if you want to visit.

He is currently working for a small-but-mighty media and entertainment industry integrator on a not-so-sekrit project that is all about moving data across WANs really, really fast.

On the side, he and MrPinstripe run the Cosmic Colo, a server colocation, virtual server, and hosted services company that is nearly breaking even most of the time. MrPinstripe is one of the most talented systems, storage, and network administrators Warmfuzzy has ever worked with, and he’s said so in writing on LinkedIn.

Temporarily hibernating during a period of

So I figured, everything’s already connected together, so I might as well have a page that links to all of them. I’m sure all the headhunters and HR folks will find it appealing, in any case. In this awesome web2.0-connected world, there are a billion ways to contact Warmfuzzy or find out more about him. Here are just a few:

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mbott

Facebook: I’m on there, and you probably have enough information on this page to track me down. I never look at it, except when I get bombarded with birthday wishes annually (and I really do love that, actually), so I’m practically a conscientious objector

Steam:SteamID Warmfuzzy, but the damned thing won’t let me link to a page in Firefox. Just get a steam account and look me up. There is also a group called Warmfuzzyland which you can join if you like.

Twitter: mabott Not like I ever tweet anymore. I think it’s possible the last tweet was several years ago and was something Hunter S. Thompson-related, about drugs in a desert.

IRC: I tend to hang out on Gamesurge in #warmfuzzyland and #smashball, among others.

Smashball: You can find me working on another revision of the plan for Smashball, a source mod available freely through steam. Reach out to me at wf@smashball.tv if you’re curious about plans or anything.