Awhile ago I wrote a blog post gushing about the Samsung Galaxy S3. I’d been growing ever-more-jealous of my coworker’s Galaxy Note 3, and when T-mobile hooked me up with another 18 month upgrade I jumped at the chance to upgrade to a phablet.

It was the correct decision. I’d write a lot more about this bit of gear, except Glen Tickle (@glentickle) at Geekosystem already wrote a review of the Note 3 that said every single thing I wanted to say. In particular, I agree with 3 points Glen makes:

  1. I have gotten a lot of comments about how huge this phone is, though nearly anyone who watches me use it for any decent period of time gets covetous.
  2. Dress pants are the best pants.
  3. The phone is incredibly usable, and thank the gods I didn’t have to give mine back like Glen did, because I’m never going back to a regular sized phone.

For completeness, a brief couple of amusing comments from Knightmare and I on the size of the phone on IRC:

10:07 <@Warmfuzzy_9ERS> holy crap this galaxy note 3 is great
10:22 < Knightmare> huge?
10:23 < Knightmare> do you need help? Have you become pinned under your Galaxy Note 3?
10:23 < Knightmare> Blink once for yes, twice for yes yes
10:38 <@Warmfuzzy_9ERS> lol
10:38 <@Warmfuzzy_9ERS> i got a spigen case and now it's like 3mm bigger on each side
10:39 <@Warmfuzzy_9ERS> it makes my head look smaller when I'm talking on it
10:39 <@Warmfuzzy_9ERS> and trust me i need all the help I can get there
10:39 <@Warmfuzzy_9ERS> my head is gigantic