I could write a lengthy bitchfest about friendly spots, ridiculous calls, stupid rules preventing review (not that it mattered overall), Bowman’s injury, or Dick Sherman’s classiness, but it’s all meaningless. The 49ers defense played amazingly well–far better than ever at the CLink. In fact, the 49er offense played far better than ever at the CLink too, and TOTALLY had a shot at winning the game with their final drive. They were rolling up the field with a balanced attack eating up smallish chunks of yardage and getting first downs. Then they got to Seattle’s 20-ish with two timeouts left, and somehow got greedy by throwing long at Crabtree who was covered by arguably the best (player, not sportsman) defensive back in the league.

Now, against most other defensive backs, that probably would have been a Crabtree catch. But it wasn’t against most other defensive backs.

The 49ers all season have had to burn timeouts early due to playcalling issues, so maybe they didn’t expect to have two timeouts that late in the fourth. But they had them. And instead of using them and getting a solid play together, they hurry up, throw into double coverage, and get picked in the end zone.

I’m seriously bummed. Not as bad as last year’s superbowl bummed, but really really bummed.

On the bright side, the 49ers have demonstrated that they can play at the CLink. This was nothing like the previous couple of blowouts in that stadium. We also got to beat hell out of Wilson, which was fun to watch. It’s also our third straight NFC Conference Championship game after nearly a decade of painful finishes, which is pretty awesome. I believe this team has several more playoff runs in their future, and I shall remain Niners Faithful.

Normally, I’d root for the team that beat my team in the playoffs, but the, ahem, sportsmanship that Dick Sherman displayed in his post-tip interview has FORCED me to root for the Broncos. I hope Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas embarrass the shit out of him, multiple times. Go Broncos.