I recall chatting with some buddies about web services integration awhile back, and how cool it was to, say, use Jott to send a Tweet which would update your Facebook status. It required two or three separate integration points, and these had to be managed from within each individual application.

If This Then That raises the management layer of these integration points above the individual web applications or services into a single web application, and it looks pretty cool thus far. The recursively self-referential nature of this post is not lost on me. It’s my first experiment with IFTTT, as they call it. In theory, this post should trigger a Tweet about the post, automagically snarfing the URL from the WordPress update and using it in the Tweet.

Of course, the Tweet will update my Facebook status, and I think that’s handled in Facebook somewhere. It’s been a long time since I set that up, and I am like, afraid of visiting that damned site lest I see myself in a lobster costume or something. But I digress.

With If This Then That, the idea is that you set up Recipes, which consist of Triggers (the ‘if this’ bit) and Actions (the ‘then that’ bit). You authorize against a variety of Channels, which are the applications. These are things like WordPress, Dropbox, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and have bunches of Triggers and Actions associated with them. In this case, the Trigger is the WordPress new post, and the Action is Twitter.

There seem to be a ton of premade public recipes. I’m looking forward to experimenting with this and finding some seriously useful and time/energy/focus-saving uses for it.