For the record, Reus is great and extremely well-polished. It’s totally achievement-and-time-limit driven, and there are a LOT more variations than I first noticed. I’ve built a world with a single civilization, and one with 6. I’ve had civilizations get all uppity and try to destroy each other. I’ve had to stomp on the cities of the uppity civilizations with my rock giant.

The mechanics are applied at a casual pace, but the time limit keeps a mild element of panic going.

The growth path of the resources into other kinds of resources turned out to be richer than I expected.

The sense of infinite zoom is intact, and quite pleasing to the eye.

The feeling of scale, whether you’re zoomed all the way in and can only see a giant’s knee, or zoomed all the way out to see the whole planet, is impressive for such a casual game.

I’d recommend Reus as a way to tide yourself over until GODUS ships something playable. Put it on your wishlist and await the next sale, or just grab it if you’re fiending. I easily have found $10 of value in it.