A few of us were talking in IRC today about the PS4 launch, which is currently being streamed here. I laughed out loud a couple times. Excerpted for your amusement.

15:34 ps4 is capable of over 160 gigaflops/second
15:34 which will be used to render hyperrealistic arm hair holding your sniper rifle in CoD XXIV
15:34 lol
15:35 I'm not bitter I swear!
15:35 imagine the AI we could have
15:35 if they didn't blow all their flops on rendering fucking arm hairs
15:35 and jeep explosions
15:36 i mean 160gflops is approaching some of the old Ascii White numbers in supercomputing
15:36 well, approachign the tflop order of magnitude anyway
15:36 ridiculous in a tiny game console
15:36 15:21 imagine the AI we could have
15:36 zero
15:36 Cause you can't demonstrate that in a 30s vid clip
15:37 "Long-term goal is to make every PS4 game playable on Vita"
15:37 yeah
15:37 SUPCOM
15:37 ^
15:37 LOL@Vita
15:37 Poor sony...
15:37 who gives a shit about vita
15:37 Air: agree
15:37 Sony.
15:38 BloaterPaste: agree