I really, really didn’t want to be writing a post titled this way. I would have much preferred the magical and filled with joy variety of life. I wanted so badly not to write this post that I have been procrastinating. This thing happened 3 days ago right?

I’m left with a few thoughts:

  • This game looked a lot different from the Turkey Day beatdown last season. Outcome was similar, unfortunately.
  • The 49ers looked like a different team after the power outage.
  • Quite an exciting comeback attempt, reminscent of the Patriots comeback attempt vs. the 49ers in December.
  • I find it likely a 49er fan sabotaged the power after that runback.
  • Once again a blown special teams play (2nd half kickoff return coverage) put the game out of reach.
  • This 49er team is a lot better at playing from behind than even last year’s team.
  • John Harbaugh is an amazing coach. Some of those decisions he made were brilliant (fake FG attempt deep, intentional safety).
  • These Niners have nothing to be embarassed about–this was an amazing Super Bowl run for a young team that has several more runs in them.

It will be a long summer until the first game of next season. Nice job Niners. You played at a positively inspiring level this year. Have a great summer and be ready to rock next year!