I’m so bummed at this LA dispensary ban that I can’t even write about it in complete sentences, so here’s an IRC rant instead:

17:56 < rezdawg> LA bans dispenseries
17:56 < rezdawg> lame
18:17 <@Warmfuzzy> wow, really?
18:17 <@Warmfuzzy> california fails at being california AGAIN
18:17 <@Warmfuzzy> first it was that prop 8 thing, now the dispensary thing
18:17 <@Warmfuzzy> what's next, banning beaches?
18:17 <@Warmfuzzy> banning cars?
18:18 <@Warmfuzzy> I know, they're going to crank the tax rate on entertainment
business up by a factor of 2