BloaterPaste deleted the following comment from one of his many Warhammer 40K battle reports on Youtube, but not before posting it in IRC to the delight of all. This is one of the most venomous tweet-length comments I’ve ever seen about one of my hobbies, and one just has to laugh:

“HAHA, you neckbeards are pathetic. How can a normal, employed/in training man have time and will to buy overpriced pieces of shitty plastic, overpriced paints, spend days painting shit with liquid shit and then spend next days battling with other nerds? Oh wait, one can’t. Kill yourselves, at least you will put the carbon your bodies are made of to a better use.”

That last bit was slightly cliche, but the rest was great. I bet the original poster would be really pissed to find out that most (all?) of the dudes who appear on those batreps have a fine lady, a nice car, and a great career.