For The WinFor The Win by Cory Doctorow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m only about 1/3 of the way through this novel and already am in love. Every single one of my friends who likes Sci-Fi and videogames, particularly MMOGs, will be pwnt by this book. He is managing to gracefully tie together MMOGaming, globalization, trade unions, and abuses of workers in third world countries in a fantastic dystopian vista of awesome. It’s really making me think, which is what I like about well-written SF.

I will update when I’m done but already heartily recommend this book to everyone with a shred of geek gamer in them.


OK, I had it wrong. Elevating this one star to 5, since it’s one of the most important Sci-Fi books I’ve read. Ever.

It seems to be a power-to-the-worker manifesto about a global union of gold farmers and other virtual workers, but that framework is wrapped around this incredible macro-economic heist/con story that gives you a glimpse of what our current market madness could be in light of what virtual game worlds are becoming. In the novel, of the top 20 world economies, 6 are games.

It’s mostly about young people, which is hard to pull off convincingly, unless you are George RR Martin or Orson Scott Card. Cory Doctorow does it beautifully.

It requires almost zero suspension of disbelief, because this is one of those Sci-Fi novels set in the very near future.

I still heartily recommend this to anyone with a shred of gamer in them. It might also be a good read for economists. I do _not_, as a religious rule, play MMOGs, but this book still spoke to me deeply. Share and enjoy.

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