Every so often, I force myself to stop and marvel at something I just accomplished due to the awesome power of the Internet and accompanying technology, such as smartphones.

Last night when I got home after a long day at work and a long commute, I was lying on the bed, trying not to move much. G let me know that I needed to order a cellphone battery since one of the cellphones was dying. I had her get me the model number of the phone and battery. Instead of getting up and grabbing my laptop like I normally would, I decided that I would be extra lazy and try this on my phone.

4 minutes later (would have been shorter except I screwed up my Amazon password a couple times) the battery had been ordered. I barely moved.

So yeah, that’s why all the humans in the future will be like in WALL-E: fatties wearing snuggies riding around on floating barcaloungers with their faces plugged into the internet. Enjoy the future our infinite convenience will bring!