Played a couple of super-rad games with my Chaos Daemon models the past couple weeks. First was an epic rematch between my Chaos Daemons, and Brad’s Tyranids. Brad spanked me pretty hard last time. This one was a close-fought game, down to the wire.

I posted a video battle report on the Socal40k site, go check it out!

Second, I played Ars Victor with Stevo this weekend up in V-town. This is a wargame he’s been working on for some time, and it’s getting really tight. I now fiend for it. He did me the service of translating the fun of playing a Chaos Daemon list to Ars Victor, and the army list is called ‘Hellspawn’. I pretty much kicked his ass because I spotted a fun way to ab^H^Huse the Insertion rules (think Deep Strike in WH40K) and exploited the shit out of it, dropping Bloodle–er, I mean LESSER RAGE DAEMONS all over the board on the first turn. I think I won by like 30 points, which to my knowledge is a runaway victory.

It should be pointed out that I needed to roll a 6 on my first roll to land my HQ on an objective and did, which proved to be pretty fatal for Steve. It also should be pointed out that I had 3 black cards in my hand to start the game, and through 9-10 turns played all red cards, including a face card and an ace.

Wait, what? Cards in a wargame? Ars Victor uses a mechanic vaguely similar to that used by Memoir ’44 and some other war games, in which the cards you play restrict which units you can activate and what you can do with them.

Don’t worry, there’s still handfuls of six-sided dice to roll, and in the latest prototype they actually have symbols instead of numbers on them.