…which is what George RR Martin says when his team loses. Williams is fired. That game was great right up until the end. Argh, fail.

Update: Now that I’ve had some time to reflect, sober, about how the game went down:

  1. The whole team played amazingly well vs. a surging Giants.
  2. Williams essentially handed the Giants 10 of their points by muffing two punt returns in 49er territory.
  3. A key injury in a niche position (Ted Ginn Jr., returner) essentially cost the 49ers the game.

I am crushed, since the 49ers had a real chance, even after the first muffed punt return. In overtime, they were containing the Giants amazingly well, giving their offense a shot at winning the game.

I might be sad, but I’m also proud that the 49ers generated such fun and watchable games in these two playoff rounds. Can’t wait for next year!