If George R.R. Martin can notablog about the Giants, I can blog about the 9ers when it’s this late in the season.

Turns out rooting for your favorite team is a hell of a lot more fun (and profitable) than last year’s self-loathing betting strategies. Since I grew up watching the 9ers dominate the 80’s, I’m a fan. I have many fond emories of watching Montana and Rice and Craig and Lott and Young and T.O. and on and on. The last decade or so has been pretty full of disappointment, and I was not alone in being supremely crushed by the 9ers performance (or lack thereof) last season. This season has been like a gift almost every week. Last week’s game vs. the Saints was just amazing. One of the best games I’ve ever watched. The atavistic experience of the shared fan experience doesn’t pay off like this very often, but when it does it makes enduring disappointment for years on end that much more worth it.

This year, I’m on fire with the bets. The first week of the playoffs I had:

Houston +4
Detroit +10.5
NYG -3
Tebow +9

…so I was 3/4 (not counting my stupid parlay which the Lions totally blow for me). Last week, I had:

9ers +3.5
Houston +7.5
NYG/Pack Over 52.5
Denver +13.5
9ers/Saints Over 47.5

…so I was 4/5 (no stupid parlays this time).

This week, I’ve got

9ers -2.5
Baltimore +250 (money line)

Also, I was silly and made some futures bets before the playoffs started, so if SF wins this week I get paid at 6:1, and if they win it all I get paid at 12:1. I’m only taking one game at a time, but this is the greatest season I’ve seen from my team in over a decade, so I’m pretty excited! I’ll be watching with Madboy and his bro up in V-town, but I’m sure you’ll be able to hear me yelling from downtown LA…