I was in an excellent pair of battles this weekend over in Torrance. Was a good excuse for a topless drive (the car, not me) on a nice sunny day, and I hauled my small army of Chaos Daemons over to Brad’s-by-the-sea. This is the more interesting of the two battles since there was so much back-and-forth. The FIRST battle my army fought (Brad’s ‘Nids) was a _lot_ more one-sided, so I might not even get around to blogging about that one ;)

Read on for the report.

The lone Imperial Guardsman huddled close to the rooftop water tank, attempting to find some shelter on the roof against the cold wind howling across the abandoned Weyland-Yutani ice cream mining colony. He needed visibility the roof provided at the expense of warmth. He rambled nervously into his recording device. “Whatever the colonists dug up here is attracting the worst neighbors. I just managed to hide out during a battle between some ugly blue and purple bugs and some crazy colored daemons that popped into existence before my very eyes. They positively SLAUGHTERED one another. Well, that is until the daemons stopped showing up. The bugs seemed to get bored and leave. I wonder what happened to the extraction plan?” He awaited a response to his many requests for extraction or reinforcements from headquarters, but none came. It was entirely possible that by now some other army had shown up and blown his only chance at getting off this rock.

Then his heart sank as he faintly heard the sound of men’s voices yelling “Blood for the Blood God!” and the jolly-but-evil chortling of a Great Unclean One

This was a fight vs. Madboy for the first time. We’d done a few team-ups, but never opposed each other. I used my generic 1500 list I prepared for the day, and Madboy brought his “for the lulz” list.

I brought:

Winston and Santa Together Again
1500pt Chaos Daemons 4th Ed (2008) Roster

* HQ (420pts)

* Winston the Bloodthirster (255pts)
– Blessing of the Blood God (5pts)

* Santa the Great Unclean One (165pts)
– Cloud of Flies (5pts)

* Elites (240pts)

* Flamers of Tzeentch (135pts)
– Bolt of Tzeentch (30pts), 3x Flamer of Tzeentch (105pts)

* Flamers of Tzeentch (105pts)
– 3x Flamer of Tzeentch (105pts)

* Troops (389pts)

* Bloodletters of Khorne (169pts)
– 9x Bloodletter (144pts), Chaos Icon (25pts)

* Plaguebearers of Nurgle (220pts)
– Chaos Icon (25pts), 13x Plaguebearer (195pts)

* Fast Attack (96pts)

* Screamers of Tzeentch (96pts)
– 6x Screamer of Tzeentch (96pts)

* Heavy Support (355pts)

* Daemon Prince of Chaos (170pts)
– Daemonic Flight (60pts), Iron Hide (30pts), Undivided

* Soul Grinder of Chaos (185pts)
– Phlegm (25pts), Tongue (25pts)

Madboy brought:

Abaddon the Despoiler (275pts)
Chaos Lord (155pts)
Daemon Weapon (25pts), Mark of Khorne (10pts), Terminator Armour (30pts), Twin-Linked Bolter

Elites (190pts)
Chaos Terminators (190pts)
Chainfist (15pts), 5x Combi Weapon (25pts), 4x Power Weapon, 5x Terminator (150pts)

Troops (263pts)
Chaos Space Marines (75pts)
5x Chaos Space Marine (75pts)
Khorne Berzerkers (188pts)
8x Berzerker (168pts), Personal Icon (5pts)
Skull Champion (15pts)
Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon

Heavy Support (515pts)
Chaos Land Raider (240pts)
Chaos Land Raider (240pts)
Daemonic Possession (20pts)
Chaos Vindicator (125pts)
Obliterator Cult (150pts)
2x Obliterator (150pts)

(No Category) (100pts)
Summoned Greater Daemon (100pts)

We rolled Capture and Control, Spearhead. Terrain was pretty even so I just picked a corner with good fields of fire, and deployed nothing until the Daemonic Assault on my first turn. Madboy deployed Abaddon, Berzerkers, Chaos Land Raider, his Chaos Vindicator, and a small squad of CSM guarding his objective in the opposite corner, leaving in reserve the Greater Daemon, the Obliterator squad and the Terminator squad.

Turn 1 top: Chaos Daemons

I rolled the wrong half of my army and ended up with Santa, one group of Flamers, the Daemon formerly known as Prince, and the Bloodletters. The Bloodletters almost scattered off the table with an 11, but JUST managed to stay inbounds. Santa and the Flamers (great band name, btw) maneuvered for position against the Land Raider. Prince attempted to outflank on my left and managed to get into good position to take a run at the lonely band of CSMs sitting on Madboy’s objective, on the roof of a building in his table corner.

Turn 1 bottom: Chaos Space Marines

Abaddon and the Berzerkers embarked. The Land Raider turned and fired at the Daemon Prince, missing as the crew wrestled with the former’s possessed controls. The Vindicator maneuvered for a shot on the Daemon Prince.

Turn 2 top:

Screamers came in and ran (flew) for cover. Prince advanced on the hapless Chaos Space Marines. The Flamers advanced under cover of the 24seven Ice Cream Shop. Santa and the Bloodletters (another great band name) advanced toward the middle of the table, making surprisingly good time. Soul Grinder warped in and hit the Chaos Marines with a Phlegm large blast, killing two.

Turn 2 bottom:

The Vindicator fired on Prince but he shrugged off the blast. Somewhat to Madboy’s dismay, the Greater Daemon appeared outside the Land Raider, meaning that the Skull Champion splattered his entire unit with Skull Champion bits INSIDE the Land Raider. The Land Raider took a shot at Soul Grinder with a Lascannon and missed.

Turn 3 top:

Prince leapt up onto the roof of the building with the three remaining CSMs and slaughtered them. The Flamers jumped over the ice cream shop and tried to hurt the Land Raider but those couple glancing hits on a Possessed vehicle didn’t do much. My other group of Flamers, armed with the mighty Bolt of Tzeentch, warped in near Madboy’s Vindicator and fired, but managed only to stun the crew. The Screamers moved into attack position under cover of the ice cream shop, and Santa charged ahead with a couple of really great rolls. I played it safe with the Plaguebearers and came in on the Bloodletters’ icon, running (stumbling, coughing) toward my objective (‘EADZ). The Bloodletters moved quickly over some ice cream extraction gear toward the Land Raider. Soul Grinder took a shot at the Land Raider and missed.

Turn 3 bottom:

Madboy’s Terminators came in on Abaddon’s icon. The Land Raider drove across some more extraction gear and disgorged its payload of Abaddon and Berzerkers right on Santa’s face. The Berzerkers didn’t actually do much, but Abaddon beat the HELL out of Santa with his Daemon Weapon, landing him firmly on the naughty list (NO PRESENTS FOR ABADDON THIS YEAR). I don’t think any of us had ever seen a GUO take that many wounds in one turn.

The Greater Daemon jogged ahead in hopes of supporting Abaddon on his right. With the Terminators supporting him on his left, you’d think he’d be victorious soon, no?

Turn 4 top:

Winston the Bloodthirster warps in, appropriately, on the Bloodletters’ icon.

Complete carnage midfield continues as Madboy and I seem to have forgotten about holding capture points. It started with Santa and the Berzerkers (I’m on a roll here with the band names) last turn. This turn the Bloodletters furiously charged, laying waste with their Hellblades to the entire Berzerkers unit. Abaddon finished off Santa with another brutal attack from his Daemon Weapon.

Prince leapt off the roof and engaged the Greater Daemon. Two monstrous creatures fought with sword and claw and failed to harm each other.

The Screamers flew over the ice cream shop and hit the Land Raider in the side, but only managed to destroy one Lascannon. The Bolt-armed Flamers took a shot at the rear of the Vindicator and once again failed to harm it. Soul Grinder took a shot at the fast-approaching Terminator squad and failed to harm them. The Plaguebearers continued to plod towards my objective.

Turn 4 bottom:

Fighting continued across the center of the table. On my left, Prince managed to hurt the Greater Daemon for a couple wounds. In the middle things were falling apart for me as the Terminators charged in and crushed most of the Bloodletters, though a couple of Terminators did die in the fight. Madboy rolled a really aggressive and successful deep strike with his Obliterators, but whiffed his Melta shots on Soul Grinder’s rear armor much to my delight. The Land Raider took a shot at Winston and missed. The Obliterator fired on the Flamers, killing one.

Turn 5 top:

The battle of the winged daemon monsters continued. Prince continued to avoid harm and managed to lay another wound on the Greater Daemon.

The Screamers finally managed to detonate the Land Raider, and a couple of them died in the process.

Soul Grinder spun around and lit into the Obliterators with Harvester and Phlegm and Giant Dreadnought Claws, killing one.

The Plaguebearers climbed up the ladder lazily toward my objective.

Winston leapt into battle with the Terminators, the Terminator Lord, and Abaddon, killing the rest of the Terminators, taking a couple wounds.

Turn 5 Bottom:

Winston killed Abaddon, but was wounded again in the process. The Terminator Lord and a severely wounded Winston squared off.

Prince wounded the Greater Daemon AGAIN without taking any wounds in return. Soul Grinder finished off the one remaining Obliterator, but not before the latter managed to kill another Screamer.

Turn 6 Top:

Winston wiped out the Terminator Lord and stood alone, victorious. The Greater Daemon finally got a couple wounds on Prince. The Screamers closed in on the Vindicator but the Flamers finally managed to blow it up with a Bolt shot.

Turn 6 Bottom:

The Greater Daemon kills Prince, and turns around to find himself surrounded by Chaos Daemons closing in. Winston, Soul Grinder, the Screamers, and the Flamers all were closing in while the Plaguebearers consolidated on the roof where my objective was kept.

Turn 7 Top:

Everyone sets up for an Assault move, and then the Flamers closed in and Breath of Chaosed the Greater Daemon to death. The entire Chaos Space Marine army was wiped out.

Lots of amusing stuff this battle because Madboy was using Abaddon in combat for the first time at the expense of a list he had actually intended to win with. I know he forgot about a power that might have saved Abaddon some wounds, but realistically at the end even if Abaddon had taken Winston down, I still had Plaguebearers on my objective and he had no troops on his own.

The back-and-forth in the middle of the table was really hilarious. Abaddon and the Zerkers took out Santa, then the Bloodletters took out all the Zerkers, then the Terminators took out all the Bloodletters, then Winston took out the rest of the Terminators, Abaddon, then the Terminator Lord.

Having Winston around to clean up messes is handy, but I really hate getting him out late.

I should point out that I was rolling exceptionally well this game, and Madboy was not. He had several chances to turn the tables and failed fairly easy rolls in a couple key circumstances (Oblit DS behind Soul Grinder, Abaddon going for the kill on Winston). In contrast, the only reason my Daemon Prince lasted so long was because I was rolling RIDICULOUS saves over and over. I saved two wounds with a 5++ 3 times, and three with the same save once, before the dice came back to reality for a couple turns and the Greater Daemon’s statistical superiority made itself felt.

I have decided I need more shooting in my army. Expect that to be remedied by the next game.