This is my first try at a video battle report. Video was captured on my T-mobile G2, converted with Format Factory (A presumably safe link which I got from this thread at, and edited with Windows Live Movie Maker. The audio seems somewhat out of sync, but you can really only see it near the end of the video.

I did quite a few things wrong in this battle, thoughts after the break.

Top things Warmfuzzy did wrong in this one:

  • Deep Strike Soul Grinder near the guys with the antitank weapons
  • Attack his strong close combat flank first
  • Place Winston the Bloodthirster into position where he would get jumped by a gang of Genestealers
  • Deep Strike both Flamer units into high-risk attacks in between two buildings
  • Bring no shooty troops apart from Flamers
  • Bring anti-tank Screamers*
  • Roll really terribly for everything
  • Attack his units that had poison melee attacks with my high toughness troops and HQs

Yeah, what a mess. I’ll be sure to study and do better next time!

* He had no vehicles whatsoever, and that’s all the screamers are really good for besides contesting objectives.