I was trying to use CPAN on a W2k3+cygwin box to install Sort::Versions (who would have thought that sorting versions was such a mess?) and ended up with

...died waiting for dll loading, errno 11

Thanks to Gareth Hunt’s post about this cygwin issue I was able to fix it.

My one addendum is that the above condition would not respond to CTRL-C, it just kept spamming the error. I was able to CTRL-Z it, but I couldn’t kill it. I killed off my shell, got on my VM console, stopped my cygwin sshd service (net stop sshd), and then tried to run rebaseall. Of course, that failed, because the stupid perl.exe was still running, so I ended it with task manager. When I fired up a cpan shell, I got a warning that

There seems to be running another CPAN process (pid 2152). Contacting...
Other job not responding. Shall I overwrite the lockfile '/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/user/.cpan/.lock'? (Y/n) [y]

Saying yes allowed me to get started. After that, “install Sort::Versions” worked perfectly.

Pat McManus has an awesome piece about sequences. Even though he is an outdoorsman and not a computer geek, it is a great read, applicable to what I just went through:

  1. Had to install Sort::Versions
  2. But, I had to install perl first
  3. Then, Windows reminded me it needed updating, so I installed perl AND updated windows at the same time
  4. Rebooted due to windows update
  5. cpan->install Sort::Versions broke as above
  6. Had to rebaseall
  7. rebaseall wouldn’t work while sshd was running
  8. sshd is how I normally tunnel rdp to my windows box, so I had to use the virtual console
  9. rebaseall still wouldn’t start because of the hanging perl cpan install process
  10. killed perl
  11. stopped sshd
  12. rebaseall
  13. start sshd
  14. Blog about it.

Argh I say, argh!