Can I add any more tags to this release name which indicate its unfinished state? THIS IS A TEST. THIS IS NOT FINISHED SOFTWARE. THIS MIGHT BREAK, AND I MIGHT ASK YOU FOR HELP FINDING BUGS YOU REPORT.

That said, it’s pretty damned fun, and quick to get into now that I’ve streamlined a bunch of stuff. For example, after downloading and installing the Windows Installer (<6MB!), links like this will work for you. There is a nice little .bat that lets you run the game, as well as a bat that lets you run a local server with a couple of bots on a halfcourt map.
Smashball-specific controls are also bindable in the normal UT2004 interface.

This COULD interfere with some stuff you’ve already installed. If you have problems, delete Smashball.* in UT2004/System and try again.