I have received several complaints about what a PITA Smashball was to get working. As such, I have been putting many cycles into creating a release with lots of ‘usability’ features that I hope everyone will enjoy.

On the downside, I still haven’t fixed the speed bug (though I have so much feedback that I will probably find it as soon as I look again). There are quite a few upsides to spending these cycles on usability though.

Usability features in the upcoming PRE ALPHA TEST release:

  1. Windows installer
  2. Auto-updater
  3. Automatic command aliasing for hook and turbo
  4. Keybinding in the control configuration dialog
  5. Single directory for Smashball instead of scattered files

Thanks to all the testers for braving the very first release on their own machines and taking time to give me feedback on the phone , via e-mail, and in teh irc. Soon, we will be able to pay you (in XP).