Klingon websites are not ‘released’!

I just finished getting some basic Smashball content up on this site. I played a little with MediaWiki, an EXCELLENT platform for Wiki collaboration, but soon realized that there were two big reasons not to add a second application just yet:

  1. MediaWiki requires PHP5, and that is a known PITA when dealing with CentOS. (I am regretting the CentOS decision every time I turn around, I’m going back to gentoo soon I swear it)
  2. I found the “Write Page” tab in WordPress, which will do pretty much everything I need it to do.

Everything except of course the actual workflow of publishing a readme, a dev readme, and a downloadable software package (no link yet sorry!!!). I have the readme and dev readme working automagically now, so that when I check in my changes to readme.txt and dev_readme.txt, the site gets updated accordingly with my r33t bash script. Next step there is to add the downloadable software package, as soon as I digest this whole UMOD thing. I’m much more comfortable with distributing .zipfiles, but I’m afraid of forcing any User.ini changes on my playtesters.

Stay tuned for class descriptions. If you hunt through the dev readme you can find weapon descriptions and the like already. It is all about the HellCannon.