We are really spoiled by screen real estate these days

Lulz from IRC regarding losing screen real estate once you’ve become accustomed to a lot of it. Counting the laptops hooked up via Input Director, I have 5 monitors available to me at my battlestation. This might be seem like overkill but I LIKE IT.

13:47 < BloaterPaste> gah. Monitor failed. Down to one, 19" monitor
13:47 < Knightmare> I couldn't work in those conditions...
13:47 * BloaterPaste computes like a cave man
13:47 < BloaterPaste> bEEPbOOPbEEPbOOP
13:48 * BloaterPaste fires up lotus 1-2-3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is even better than my Galaxy S3 #GalaxyNote3 @glentickle @Geekosystem

Awhile ago I wrote a blog post gushing about the Samsung Galaxy S3. I’d been growing ever-more-jealous of my coworker’s Galaxy Note 3, and when T-mobile hooked me up with another 18 month upgrade I jumped at the chance to upgrade to a phablet. Read all »

Life is meaningless and full of pain, an NFC West CC retrospective #49ers #NFL #GoBroncos

I could write a lengthy bitchfest about friendly spots, ridiculous calls, stupid rules preventing review (not that it mattered overall), Bowman’s injury, or Dick Sherman’s classiness, but it’s all meaningless. The 49ers defense played amazingly well–far better than ever at the CLink. In fact, the 49er offense played far better than ever at the CLink too, and TOTALLY had a shot at winning the game with their final drive. They were rolling up the field with a balanced attack eating up smallish chunks of yardage and getting first downs. Then they got to Seattle’s 20-ish with two timeouts left, and somehow got greedy by throwing long at Crabtree who was covered by arguably the best (player, not sportsman) defensive back in the league. Read all »

Ars Victor @Strategicon #Gateway one year later demonstrates amazing depth and an epic tournament finish

We just got back Sunday night from Strategicon Gateway out by LAX. I staffed an Ars Victor tournament all weekend at the con. We ran a tournament with $500 in cash prizes for the third time (Gateway 2012, Gamex 2013, Gateway 2013).

I am so blown away at the outcome of this tournament through the final two rounds. This game continues to show me surprising new depth, even after playing for well over a year. Players are continuing to try new things and discover new ways of defeating their enemies. In this Labor Day tournament, I was shown how new strategies can flourish in the minds of new players and result in epic unexpected victories. Read all »

Online Halo-playing twelve-year-olds issue 302 diagnoses regularly

A funny from IRC #warmfuzzyland I had to share:

12:34 <@Air> California doctor diagnosed man with âhomosexual behaviorâ illness
12:34 <@Air> http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/-california-doctor-diagnosed-man-with-%E2%80%98homosexual-behavior%E2%80%99-illness--191209896.html
12:38 <@Warmfuzzy> for a really hip state with lots of liberals
12:38 <@Warmfuzzy> we fail at certain traditionally liberal things, Air
12:39 <@Warmfuzzy> the story is sad yet amusing
12:41 < iGraywolf> air: i get diagnosed with that by 12 year olds on halo on the time