Fixing CrashPlan failing auto-updates for a headless QNAP installation

Unixdude saved the day for me. I’ve been fighting with the CrashPlan service on my QNAP randomly stopping, which completely broke my home backups. I finally noticed it had been trying to auto-upgrade and failing.

This post by Unixdude describes how to manually pull in the jar files that get downloaded by the autoupgrade attempt by the headless CrashPlan instance. In my case, the most recent update included an additional .jar called bcprov-jdk15on.jar, and I had to copy that file into …/CrashPlan/lib as well.

Make iPhone users jealous using #Tasker Autovoice and Email Me Pro on your #Android

I use Nirvana as my GTD tracker. According to David Allen, the creator of GTD, one of the keys to GTD is easy capture. He advocates carrying a small pad and a pen because it’s very easy to jot things down, and it never runs out of batteries. Well, saying things is even easier than that, and we’re all[1] getting trained to “OK Google”, and most of us keep smartphones at hand all the time, so why not set up a custom voice command that feeds Nirvana my to-do items?

Ideally, when I kick off a google search with a button or by saying “OK Google”, I want to then be able to say something like “Nirvana: Set meeting with customer to discuss new features” and have “Set meeting with customer to discuss new features” appear in my Nirvana Inbox.

Nirvana makes the second part of this easy by giving everyone their own custom inbox e-mail address (Search for “Creating Tasks via Email” in your Nirvana account dashboard). The subject line of an e-mail you send ends up as the title of the to-do item. The body ends up as notes, and attachments are discarded.

This post describes how to glue all these things together.

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Friday Mom Joke from IRC

‘Nuff said. Have a great weekend all!

16:05 < BloaterPaste> I'm officially on the market.
16:07 < Knightmare> for?
16:07 < iGraywolf> the steam market?
16:08 < iGraywolf> the meat market?
16:08 < iGraywolf> the housing market?
16:08 < iGraywolf> the stock market?
16:08 < iGraywolf> you got to be more specific bro
16:08 < Knightmare> the swingers market
16:08 < MrAirborneStripe> the needle exchange market
16:08 < iGraywolf> the used underwear market
16:08 < Knightmare> that's a big market
16:08 < iGraywolf> only because of your mom
16:10 < Knightmare> ZING
16:10 < Knightmare> that was a good one

Automating #Smashball demo uploads to #YouTube Part 1, or nerd workflow dominos

I finally got some time to revisit this project this weekend. I figure automating Smashball video uploads would be a nice thing to crank out for our small-but-mighty community, and have the fun side effect of getting some more video content out there.

The workflow I’m building looks like this:

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#Gaming without the bullshit: #Hearthstone vs. Magic: The Gathering #mtg

Hearthstone Logo
I’m getting older. My free time is dwindling. I still love gaming in all forms (There’s even some decent no-limit holdem available 24×7 within 30 minutes of my house), but many of the old games I used to enjoy are looking a little weak to my older, wiser (?) eyes.

The games I’m enjoying the most these days have a few things in common:

  1. Bite-sized satisfaction
  2. A system that doesn’t get in the way of my enjoyment
  3. Tightly focused design

I find myself playing a lot more indie games these days (FTL, Prison Architect, Out There, Papers Please, and Goat Simulator among them). I play mostly on the PC and am only mildly frustrated that many of them don’t tax my gaming rig too heavily. So imagine my surprise that a free to play Collectible Card Game title from a AAA studio has me positively embarrassed at the amount of time it’s eating up. Read all »