Friday Mom Joke from IRC

‘Nuff said. Have a great weekend all!

16:05 < BloaterPaste> I'm officially on the market.
16:07 < Knightmare> for?
16:07 < iGraywolf> the steam market?
16:08 < iGraywolf> the meat market?
16:08 < iGraywolf> the housing market?
16:08 < iGraywolf> the stock market?
16:08 < iGraywolf> you got to be more specific bro
16:08 < Knightmare> the swingers market
16:08 < MrAirborneStripe> the needle exchange market
16:08 < iGraywolf> the used underwear market
16:08 < Knightmare> that's a big market
16:08 < iGraywolf> only because of your mom
16:10 < Knightmare> ZING
16:10 < Knightmare> that was a good one

Automating #Smashball demo uploads to #YouTube Part 1, or nerd workflow dominos

I finally got some time to revisit this project this weekend. I figure automating Smashball video uploads would be a nice thing to crank out for our small-but-mighty community, and have the fun side effect of getting some more video content out there.

The workflow I’m building looks like this:

sb_demo_to_youtube_workflow_thumb Read all »

#Gaming without the bullshit: #Hearthstone vs. Magic: The Gathering #mtg

Hearthstone Logo
I’m getting older. My free time is dwindling. I still love gaming in all forms (There’s even some decent no-limit holdem available 24×7 within 30 minutes of my house), but many of the old games I used to enjoy are looking a little weak to my older, wiser (?) eyes.

The games I’m enjoying the most these days have a few things in common:

  1. Bite-sized satisfaction
  2. A system that doesn’t get in the way of my enjoyment
  3. Tightly focused design

I find myself playing a lot more indie games these days (FTL, Prison Architect, Out There, Papers Please, and Goat Simulator among them). I play mostly on the PC and am only mildly frustrated that many of them don’t tax my gaming rig too heavily. So imagine my surprise that a free to play Collectible Card Game title from a AAA studio has me positively embarrassed at the amount of time it’s eating up. Read all »

Fixing #VMware Tools suspend script on #Ubuntu #Linux

I’ve been having problems suspending my Ubuntu VMs (12.04.4 in this case) for awhile now, despite having VMware Tools installed properly. It would try to suspend, throw an error, then disable the ability to suspend until the next power cycle. It finally annoyed me enough on my CI VM that I tracked down the solution on this extremely helpful thread on

There is a bit in the /etc/vmware-tools/scripts/vmware/network script that is the entire culprit (line 81 in my install):

service=`which service 2>/dev/null`

Apparently the referenced service script is broken for this version of Ubuntu. Commenting out that line makes suspend work great. Remember that if you’ve tried to suspend the VM prior to commenting out the line, you’ll probably have to power cycle (reboot doesn’t seem to be enough) the VM.

We are really spoiled by screen real estate these days

Lulz from IRC regarding losing screen real estate once you’ve become accustomed to a lot of it. Counting the laptops hooked up via Input Director, I have 5 monitors available to me at my battlestation. This might be seem like overkill but I LIKE IT.

13:47 < BloaterPaste> gah. Monitor failed. Down to one, 19" monitor
13:47 < Knightmare> I couldn't work in those conditions...
13:47 * BloaterPaste computes like a cave man
13:47 < BloaterPaste> bEEPbOOPbEEPbOOP
13:48 * BloaterPaste fires up lotus 1-2-3